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/Regarding the installation of aluminum alloy fence, you must collect it

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Regarding the installation of aluminum alloy fence, you must collect it

Having a courtyard at home is actually a very happy thing. You can have various kinds of grass in your spare time, and you can also set up a leisure area to drink coffee in the afternoon and watch the stars in the evening. It is comfortable and romantic. In addition to the common leisure area layout, aluminum alloy fences are also very important elements in courtyard design. Different line structures will reflect different visual effects.
For the safety and anti-theft of people and property at home, we often choose to install aluminum alloy guardrails, which can play a very good anti-theft role. If you want to design an aluminum alloy guardrail, how to install it effectively? How to install aluminum alloy guardrails and What are the precautions? Don’t worry, today I will tell you how to install the aluminum alloy guardrail. Hope it helps you!
It turns out that the installation of aluminum alloy guardrails is so simple. You really don’t know if you can’t see it.
Clean up debris and dust on site, and repair and smooth uneven surfaces.
2. Measure the length, and then determine the column distance between the aluminum alloy guardrails based on the total length to determine the column distance.
3. Then start drilling holes and install expansion bolts at the location of each column.
4. Install the columns and fix them with tools such as hammers.
5. Place the aluminum alloy fence between the columns of the slot and fix it.
Aluminum alloy corrosion protection materials have unparalleled advantages. Aluminum plus various metal elements made of various alloys have the characteristics of light weight and high strength, and can be extruded into various new composite profiles for use in various periods.